Phytotech Extracts Pvt Ltd


Phytotech offers products that have distinct advantages over conventional extracts. The specifications make all the difference.

Some of the specialties from Phytotech are

Description Active Ingredients Pharmacological action
Corosolin® Lagerstroemia speciosa extract (Banaba extract) Corosolic acid Maintains healthy blood sugar
Boswellia serrata extract (Salai Guggul) Boswellic acids and AKBA Anti-arthritic, Anti-inflammatory, Muscle Relaxant
Cassia angustifolia extract (Senna) Sennosides A & B Laxative, Cathartic
Centella asiatica extract (Gotu Kola) Triterpenes Skin specific extract, increases collagen synthesis and intracellular fibronectin content, Varicose vein
FENUSOL® Trigonella foenum-graecum ( Fenugreek seed xtract ) Furostanolic saponins Used in controlling blood glucose levels, hyper cholesterolaemia and obesity.
GARSLIM®Aquasol Garcinia cambogia extract (-)Hydroxycitric acid 60% & 70% Weight Management, Obesity control
Glycyrrhiza glabra extract (Liquorice) Glycyrrhizinic acids Anti-Infective, Anti-Ulcer
GUAVARIN® Psidium guajava leaf extract (A PCT patent pending product) Polyphenols, Tannins, Saponins,glycosides & Guaijaverin Anti-diabetic, Hepato-protective and Anti-diarrheal.
IMINOSOL® Morus alba leaf extract (Mulberry leaf extract) 1-deoxynojirimycin( Moranoline) and flavonoids Hypolipidaemic agent, controls blood sugar, antioxidant
TM Coffea arabica extract (Green coffee bean) Chlorogenic acids Weight Management, Obesity control, Lowers hypertension
MURINGAI™ (Moringa oleifera extract) Isotrifolin,Moringin and Moringinine,glycosides and Saponins Cardiotonic, Rich Protein supplement ,Increases Libido
Momordica charantia extract (Bitter melon) Bitters, Charantin Blood Glucose control, Anti-viral,Anti-tumour
Ocimum sanctum extract (Holy Basil-Tulsi) Ursolic acid and alkaloids Skin health, Anti acne, Anti-oxidant, Anti-allergic
Phyllanthus niruri extract Bitters, Phyllanthin & Hypophyllanthin Hepatoprotectant, Jaundice, Immunostimulant
Phaseolus vulgaris extract (White kidney bean) Phaseolamine and alpha amylase inhibition activity Obesity control (Alpha Amylase Inhibitor), Pancreas detoxifier
PROTOCIN® Protodioscin Stimulation of male sexual behaviour and spermatogenesis
Rosmarinus officinalis extract (Rosemary) Carnosic acid & Rosmarinic acid Powerful antioxidant, Astringent, Stimulant
Steen-X® Garcinia mangostana extract α β γ mangostin and Xanthones Powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral
Tinospora cordifolia extract Bitters Immunostimulant, Hepatoprotectant, Diuretic
WITHANIN™ Withania somnifera extract (Ashwagandha) Alkaloids, Withanolides Long term stress Anabolic Alternative, mild sedative
XERONONI®Morinda citrifolia fruit extract Morindin & Xerononine Boosts Immune system

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